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Coventry / Dresden Arts Exchange


In September 2019, Class Room collaborated with the Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange, to invite an artist from Dresden to spend a month with us here in Coventry. Lucas Oretel was our first Artist in Residence at the gallery from Dresden.

For the next year we aim both to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Coventry’s bond of friendship with Dresden, through creating a series of opportunities that facilitate artists, in both cities, to experiment and develop their practice through both an intense period of making and an involvement in international dialogue.

This will be achieved through a timetable of exhibitions, events and a series of artist in residencies, in Coventry and Dresden, that seek to introduce artists from both cities to each other. This was the second Dresden artist in residency that Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange has organised. Alexandra Müller was the first artist in residence from Dresden. Müller was subsequently invited to exhibit in the Coventry Biennial.

Further information will be provided soon.



Lucas Oertel - The Volunteers / 2019
poster, postcard