Jack Foster
Dresden Paintings

Coventry-based painter Jack Foster has recently returned from a month-long exchange in Dresden, where he spent a month working in the studio of artist Christian Manss. During the residency, Foster focused on experimenting with different approaches towards creating surface within his paintings, at the same time he explored working with a limited colour palette.

The exhibition offers the viewer an opportunity to see what was produced during the time in Dresden. There are hints at shapes hidden underneath drapery. These depicted areas, in part, almost dissolve away and the focus shifts to the painting itself rather than what is being depicted.

Foster’s work is a coalescing of different points of interest; he has been exploring the history of painting through examining the works of painters like Goya, but his work also dips into contemporary painting via an interest in British abstract painters.

A residency, or visiting somewhere new, is a great way for an artist to refresh. A residency is a way an artist if willing can break with a comfortable way of working and suddenly find themselves being challenged and enriched. At first glance it might seem that the individuals’ practice has not been affected by the experience, but in time the impact of the experience will often manifest itself, either in the work directly, or in their attitude towards making.

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