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Fertile Fields: Paintings by Jeff Dellow from the 1990s

Exhibition Launch: Thursday 12th at 17:30 to 20:00

Gallery Exhibit: Fertile Fields: Paintings by Jeff Dellow from the 1990s

Exhibition opens on Thursday 12th of July 17:30 - 20:00
Dellow, through making, has been constantly developing new ways to expand the physical range of touch and colour in his paintings. Within this, he is actively engaged in developing new approaches to confront the challenge of pictorial arrangements.

Throughout the Eighties, Dellow began to take full advantage of all of painting’s options. In paintings like 'Tixe' (1980), described as having a ‘daring green depth’, he probed the creation of optical space through deep recessions of colour. The paintings he produced during the Nineties pushed this further, by both exploring the field beyond the picture plain and by making a concerted effort to compartmentalise and anchor the painting by the strategic placement of painted elements. In the studio, Dellow worked hard to explore the many different ways a painting can be put together and contemplates the subsequent varied possible compositions.

Dellow’s paintings have been informed both by painting’s long history and the world around him. Titles offer the viewer a hint at origin of the formation of works; this being the case for paintings such as 'Marsyas' (1982) and 'Perseus And Andromeda' (2007), which hint to his longstanding interest in Titian. In this exhibition, titles such as 'Ideal Seed' (1994) or 'Interior Zimbabwe' do not refer to a painting but to a place and time. Many of the works being shown were created after Dellow was invited, in 1990, by Robert Loder, to attend a Triangle Artists’ Workshop offshoot in Zimbabwe. On his return, Dellow worked in his studio in London to capture his experience and the spirit of the places he had visited. In 1991 one of these paintings 'Africa: Seed and Shadow' (1991) was a prize winner at the John Moores Prize for Painting. Dellow wrote that this work involves the idea of a paradise under threat with the natural strength of form and fertility – faced by cultural and political forces of exploitation.

The works in this exhibition stand as a testament to Dellow’s serious and long-term interrogation of what it is to paint. Whilst through a synthesis of making and assimilating, he has continued to surge forward into new areas of productivity, reflecting on the achievements made by painters such as Dellow in past decades serves to illuminate both their approach to painting today as well as offering insight to the past.

Inconversation talk with Jeff Dellow on the Thursday 26th July 17:30 - 20:00


Lessons on Planet Earth
Thursday 14th June 17:30–21:00

Elenor Sikorski presents a performance about an unhinged teacher, with an obsession for ants, teaches us some things about Planet Earth. There are some very interesting lessons to be learned, but the facts are hard to pin down amidst all the emotional tendencies, and the blinding realisation that we all die alone.

Film Screening & Talk
Cristiana Ilie
Thursday 28th June 17:30 - 20:00

12 July 17:30–21:00

In this new free course we will be creating a series of workshops that contain both activities and discussions that focus on a particular ideas or topic.

In this first lesson will be focused on thinking, discussing and exploring unlearning. This is free, but you will need to book, as there are only limited places.

Artist Talk
Dan Roach Thursday 26th July 17.30 - 20.00

The painter and printmaker Dan Roach will be giving a talk at Class Room

Crit Club

A crit is a common learning exercise used in Arts Higher Education which offers a student the opportunity to present their work to other students and discuss possible ways of progressing and developing work. We will send out an email soon with further details of the next crit club.

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